Ouch, sorry Bola

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Ouch, sorry Bola

Post by Ian B on Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:50 am

He was hiding under the bedspread on the spare bed late last night, I knew he was there as I looked out of the window to try and trace where a strange noise was coming from, but he must have moved as when I turned round to go downstairs I managed to stand on part of him Shocked I don't know which bit but judging by the screech it really hurt.

I've done this before and he's just bolted for safety in the house, but not last night, he was downstairs and thro' the flap in seconds and over the fence when I dashed out to see if he was ok. I didn't expect to see him again till today, but he came back in after I'd been calling him for a few minutes, tho' he was very wary of coming near me again so I couldn't check him over for injuries Embarassed

I'm forgiven now tho' and he seems fine Very Happy

Ian B
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