Bosley is (was) missing

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Bosley is (was) missing

Post by Ian B on Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:14 pm

If it wasn't for the fact he's barely set foot outside for nearly 3 weeks now I wouldn't be overly concerned, but he's been gone since the window cleaner called and that's nearly 3 hours ago now. He didn't have his dog with him today either so it's not as tho' she chased Bosley off, nor is it the first time he's heard the window cleaner banging and thumping with his ladders, which makes this all the more mystifying confused

Even when I hoover he only disappears for a few minutes before coming back in to see if I've finished. It's possible, *just* that he's in the house somewhere as he appeared from nowhere a couple of days ago, but I've looked everywhere I can think of.


Panic over, he's just appeared. I still don't know if it was from outside or a very, very good hiding place in the house, but the way he's all over me and purring his head off, it was outside and he's glad to be home again.

Ian B
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