Hmmm, could it have been............

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Hmmm, could it have been............

Post by Ian B on Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:19 am

.............Bosley returning late last night? Shocked

I was having my usual shower and heard a cat miaowing outside, I didn't recognise *the voice* so didn't really take much notice other than to think how loud the cat was. I'd just got dried and dressed when I heard it again, even louder this time, it must have been at the foot of the stairs. I dashed downstairs as fast as I could to check but it had gone and vanished into the night before I saw who it was.

The only cat louder I've ever heard was Pablo, tho' he's many miles away and back with his owner now so it wasn't him, but a stranger would need to be a very confident cat to go into a house and miaow like that, unless it was used to being here, which made me think of Bosley. I'm 75% sure it wasn't him, but there's always the chance it was.

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