Vet rip off?

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Vet rip off?

Post by Ian B on Tue Feb 14, 2012 11:47 am

I said I had my doubts about the need for Max to have the leukaemia and feline FIV tests done and that they were using it as a cash cow. Anyhow, I posted as much *over there* and one of the more knowledgeable members posted this in reply, a extract from IDEXX Laboratories Inc (the test manufacturers I assume) which is basically a instruction for vets to sweet talk owners into having the tests, whether they're needed or not.

Compliance Tip

By offering each of your clients the opportunity to screen for FIV/FeLV, youíre giving them a comprehensive picture of their petsí health. Here are some ways to improve client compliance:

Develop a standard clinic protocol for FIV/FeLV testing.
Include FIV/FeLV testing on reminder cards for all cats receiving an FeLV vaccine.
Offer an FIV/FeLV observation form (PDF) and client brochure (PDF) to every cat owner who enters the clinic.
Support education on testing with client brochures available through IDEXX.
Initiate a discussion with your clients about their petsí environments, personalities and habits to determine if their cats have been exposed.


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