A first for Stripey Tail

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A first for Stripey Tail

Post by Ian B on Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:15 am

As usual when the weather gets colder Stripey spends more time in the house, usually upstairs on a bed by himself. This year it's different, he happily sleeps on a chair in the living room and doesn't mind Max sleeping on the arm or Bola on the chair next to him, but that's not the *first* I mean.

Last night he had a good tour round the living room before jumping onto the sofa next to me for a chin rub, he then jumped onto the back of the sofa, right above my head and curled up asleep. I dozed off and to my amazement when I woke, I found him sprawled out, dead to the world across my lap on a old pillow Shocked (there to stop Max leaving fur all over me when he jumps up)

I never, ever thought I'd see the day come when Stripey became a lap-cat, tho' he has got softer as he's got older, he's nearly as free with headbutts as Bola now Laughing

Ian B
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